Why a GamePlan?

We don’t just aim at what we can do for you, we aim at improving what you have to offer your clients. Profile7’s GamePlan firstly focuses on developing what you can do better in such a way to enhance your client’s experience (the ripple effect). By establishing your own good solid ‘GamePlan’ it will secure your company’s future. When a good GamePlan is executed smoothly the scoreline speaks for itself. As Michael Jordan said
“Talent will win games but TEAMWORK wins Championships.”
There is a very close correlation between team sport and running a business - there are players and there are teams only the rules of the game differ.
This is our GamePlan, what does yours look like?

What does it do for you?

- It provides ..... more clarity & company direction
- It provides ..... a better business with increased profits
- It provides ..... dedicated staff & an ideal place to work
- It provides ..... more efficient systems
- It provides ..... higher QUALITY clients with longer term value
- It provides ..... benefits from leveraging the 'Ripple Effect'
- It provides ..... the opportunity to grow or sell your business
In business, like sport, the outcome is reflective of the input.
Put in the time, effort and dedication, and Your GamePlan will
provide far more than the above examples.

GamePlan Elements:

1. Assessment

Introduction meeting to assess how & when to move into the following modules

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2. Internal Company Profile

'Your PLAYBOOK' is going back to basics, revisiting your original reasons, refocusing, designing new strategies that work today & provide new guidelines for your company to successfully operate by.
1/2 day Workshop + 1 High Quality Document

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3. External Company Profile

A company profile for external promotional use designed from the specific content strategised in 'Your PLAYBOOK' and provided as a high quality document / brochure.

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Specialised Program:


The ‘STRATEGY First’ program offers 2 modules - Branding or Marketing or both. It focuses specifically on the 2 key aspects of presenting & connecting yourself better to your audience. Each module is a 1/2 day workshop or combined is a full day workshop

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Your brand strategy defines what you stand for, the promise you make and brings your market positioning to life. It should both precede and underlie any marketing efforts in expressing the essential truth or value of your company - credibility.
1/2 day Workshop + Implementation

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Your marketing strategy is finding out who your core customer or client really is - what is it they value and how to best communicate your offer to secure a quality, long term connection. Remember 'Customers buy what has VALUE to THEM.'
1/2 day Workshop + Implementation

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Fee for Service

'Hands On Consultancy’ offers the opportunity for implementation to happen while you keep doing what you do best, moving the company forward. The above modules can be confronting & often better for someone else to implement the changes so your staff will listen, appreciate & act on the requirements. Daily, Weekly or Monthly Fee for Service

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Monthly Motivator

‘Keep Me On Target’ allows us to check in each month & run through any growth changes, brainstorm ideas or just keep you motivated & on target to meet your goals.
1/2 day Motiovation Workshop

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Visual Consistency

The appearance of your company is an extremely important element & is often the frontline first impression that customers see so it needs to be enticing, attractive, clear, consistent & projects the right message. By offering this service in combination with our other services we can ensure your company image works for you, not against you.

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About Us:

About Profile7

Profile7's services & products specifically focus on improving Your Profile & the depth of value in the connection with your client or Your Client's Worth. We will help gain complete clarity of Who you are, What you do, How you connect, To Whom & When. We will work with you to develop & design your company strategy or 'GamePlan' according to the specifics of your highly valued unique business attributes. As a result of over 20 years in the marketing industry, & after many client discussions & workshops it is crystal clear that all good business actions & decisions stem from the quality design, strength, clarity & purpose of the Company PROFILE & the STRATEGY drives it.


Steve's understanding of the consumer & corporate markets plus segmentation knowledge assisted me in becoming a great deal more focused on customer intimacy.
Tim Greenhill
Impact Management Pty Ltd - (International) Sydney

I have worked with Steve for many years & he has provided valuable advice & strategy each time. I consider him an extremely valuable respurce & trusted colleague.
Tony Paterson
AdBuySell & Dailyshopper - (National) Melbourne