Strategy based
DECISION making is:

 » Less reliant & less stressful on you

 » More consistent results week to week

 » Be patient & time will pay dividends on exit
Elevator Pitch:

So ...  What does Profile7 do?

Well ... "The bare essentials of business is really about making decisions - right?  Profile7 educates business owners on HOW to make better decisions by changing their thinking on the PROCESS of making decisions. We develop a strategy based system for the client that resets the foundations, takes the pressure off personally, and realigns their capabilities to re-empower them. The renewal excites clients and, over time, builds greater exit value for them."
'Reset to Re-Empower' - Power of 3 program
Ask 5 why's to dig deeper ...

Fix the Cause - Don't
Band-aide the Symptoms!

For example:

Often a lack of sales is
not just a sales problem.

To action this properly view your business from the outside, looking in & collaborate with someone who:
 » Is not personally or emotionally invested in your business
 » Will offer an over-arching, objective third party POV
 » Ask the hard questions & listen intently

Being Proactive not Reactive
 » Making great decisions starts with a positive mindset
 » Always beneficial being an optimistic realist - never a pessimist
 » Reactive decision making is superficial & unsustainable

Asking Why is a Problem Solver + Forward Planner
 » Problems occur less in the future due to the 5 Why's foresight
 » Asking Why converts step procedures into rationales
 » Knowing the cause enables precise decisions to be made

If you don't fix the cause, the symptoms will infect the outcomes.

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Profile7 services:

 » We will always provide honest, clear, unbiased feedback or advice
 » We will always plan to win with a realistic end in mind
 » We will always make sure it is in your best interest, for your future

We can work on all 3 collectively to 'Reset to Re-Empower YOU' maximising the benefit in
both the short & long term - ( 3 month Power of 3 - training program )

 » 01 STRATEGY - Is putting your PURPOSE into Action
 » 02 TOOLS - Is your PROCESS to Promote & Deliver
 » 03 CONNECTION - Is how you Relate to PEOPLE to engage

Or we can work on each individually with immediate minimum results only - ( quoted tasks )

 » We can facilitate a roundtable discussion with you & staff
 » We can discuss opportunities & options to move forward
 » We can help decide on 'Next Steps' & Actions to follow
Quoted fee per meeting

To achieve your Legacy ...

All the Answers are in
Your Decisions!

Get your Strategy Right first!
For today, tomorrow & the future

Emotional Decisions will impede end results if Clarity & Context is not applied respectfully.

01  SCALEABILITY - Incrumental Growth Options
 » Plan the growth with a realistic end in mind
 » Quality of the database / CRM contacts data
 » Reliance on owner or others will restrict growth options

02  SUSTAINABILITY - Set Achievable Milestones
 » Business value is built over time, not overnight
 » How do you measure or describe your Legacy?
 » Trust, Belief & Honesty are cornerstones of sustainability

03  SALEABILITY - Meeting the Expectations of a Buyer
 » Business Valuation
 » ROI - Return on Investment - Time, money, people & systems
 » Relative Risk & Mitigation

If your strategy is inadequate the results will reflect the same.

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Tim Greenhill

“I first worked with Steve in 1998 where he supplied consultative advice on marketing campaigns for my business and how to best leverage ROI from my marketing campaigns and investments. To this day, I have remained close to Steve as I find his commercial insights, innovative solutions and suggestions not only a breath of fresh air but a source of ‘driving for better financial results’. His understanding of the consumer and corporate markets plus segmentation knowledge assisted me in becoming a great deal more focused on customer intimacy.”
» Impact Management - Sydney

Karmel Rashidi

“I have worked with Steve professionally since 2011 and he has always provided valuable advice and strategy each time. I consider Steve an extremely valuable resource, trusted colleague and key company advocate, ongoing. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve in the knowledge that he will honor any commitment with honesty, open mindedness and willingness to provide the best possible result.”
» OZPS - OzPropertySolutions - Melbourne

Sebastian Muscolino

“Since starting work with Steve in 2016, the business has taken on a more focused, strategic and purposeful direction – reinforcing connections with existing customers as well as facilitate new ones. Steve brings experience, knowledge and vision, and acts as a great objective springboard for new ideas and concepts. Steve continues to be an integral part of the business growth strategy.”
» SPS Group (Qld) - Brisbane

The Power of 3
01 STRATEGY - Is putting your PURPOSE into Action

Always Plan with a
Realistic End in Mind

Apply & Synchronise your Strategic Thinking ...

Across all aspects from your
Big Picture all the way down

01 KNOWLEDGE - Recognise
 » Distinctive Capabilities - Sustainable way of delivering Value
 » Your Uniqueness - Skills, experiences, qualifications, contacts
 » Value Proposition - Under promise & Over deliver your promise

02 PLANNING - Refine
 » Turning Points - Limitations, realisations, directions, capacities
 » Growth Catalyst - Ongoing improvement of capabilities
 » Milestones - Measurable achieveable progress markers

03 EVOLUTION - Realign
 » Re-invention is necessary for people to reach their full potential
 » Early awareness of potential & real growth opportunities is key
 » Market Influence - Be aware of how it can force your hand

Ensure consistent Strategic Thinking across the whole business.

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The Power of 3
02 TOOLS - Is your PROCESS to Promote & Deliver

Control what you can -
Influence what you can't

To evoke a response it is crucial to have ... Consistent
Co-ordinated Content to Control your Message

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Profile7 will:

Your Distinctive Capabilities are the key to sustainable success - the primary way to deliver value. What you are capable of is a combination of process, systems, tools, skills, knowledge, behaviours and structures that allow delivery of a defined outcome. Focusing on your key capabilities is what enables connection of your strategy with your delivery to intently create long life relationships with lasting value.
What are you Capable of & How do you present that to your audience?

The following materials have been designed and produced inhouse to control the branding and narrative in accordance with the strategy - existing or new.

Strategically it is not about how the operational aspects function - it is more about how does it fit into the strategy and vice versa to maximise the capacity and delivery of your products or services to maintain cost effectiveness.

The Power of 3
03 CONNECTION - Is how you relate to PEOPLE to engage

You are only as good as
the People Around You!

Remember ... 'Everybody's Perception is their Reality!'

Great People Connection is
the culmination of doing
everything else right.

01 COMMUNICATION - Story Telling
 » Language - Consistency of terminology & appropriateness
 » Relevance - Get to know what your audience wants
 » Timing is Everything - When is the market ready, now or later?

02 REPUTATION - Works Ahead of You
 » Word of Mouth - Need Leaders to respect you & follow you
 » Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching
 » Trust & Belief - Be respectful, honest, listen intently & don't sell

03 NETWORK - Who you know - Who knows you
 » Staff - Choose them by passion, empower & encourage them
 » Clients have a similar criteria as staff - your salespeople
 » Support Team, similar - passion, empower, encourage

Do the right thing for the right reasons & people will endorse you.

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The Power of 3
01 STRATEGY - Is putting your PURPOSE into Action
02 TOOLS - Is your PROCESS to Promote & Deliver
03 CONNECTION - Is how you Relate to PEOPLE to engage

'Reset to Re-Empower'

One decision can change your future - make each one count.

Make Better Strategy Based Decisions by Changing the way you Think

01 PAST - Lessons Learned, Knowledge Gained
 » Learn the Lesson, move on, use the past, don't dwell
 » Greater Knowledge broadens the Opportunity Discussion
 » Experience & Knowledge is your ongoing Resource Centre

02 CLARITY & CONTEXT - Relevance & Perspective
 » Realisation activates during Discussion
 » 'NEEDS' Checklist is generated from Discussion
 » Discussion reinforces Self-Belief & need for Actions

03 EVOLUTION - If it's not broken - BREAK it & Re-work it
 » All businesses have different needs - Don't Copy
 » Trends, Templates & Automation - Not good in isolation
 » A changing market will control you, if you don't control you

P7 will be your objective third party advisor preparing you for your future.

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Coffee Time?

About Profile7:

Profile7 provides a structured forum, as an objective third party, to discuss, discover & develop ‘What you are really capable of’ through exploratory questions & realisation answers to significantly increase your VALUE – now & into the future. We are able to achieve this by controlling the 3 key elements of any business, the STRATEGY development, the TOOLS (narrative & design) & the CONNECTION techniques from within, collaboratively, with you.
Let's have a coffee & discuss your company's needs & wants - my shout.

The 1990's was absorbed working in mid to upper level management roles in the media industry across ad agencies, PR agencies & Publishing companies from Production Manager to Sales Manager to Marketing Director to GM. Understanding existing strategy to developing new strategy for clients being a key criteria.

The 2000's to present day, has been focusing on ‘What is in the Best Interest of the Client’, opting to work independently so that I could offer far greater value directly to the client. Providing consultancy, advice, facilitation & mentor services to dig deeper fixing the ‘causes’ – not band-aiding the symptoms of the business landscape.

As I teach clients to Evolve, I to have evolved the narrative & more importantly, the offer to better connect with an ever-changing business horizon with the primary focus locked on to helping people navigate through an uncertain future. Everything is possible we just need to be clever about how to approach it. PURPOSE, PEOPLE, PROCESS makes for Wise DECISIONS.


2heads is a purpose built consultancy of 2 highly experienced professionals (meeting of the minds) collaboratively working together to provide top-level strategic solutions for a wide variety of seemingly continuous property industry problems. By using our unique 'Power of 3' system we can combine specific industry kowledge with indepth strategic know-how plus your unique business attributes & needs to create a far better future for you, your company, your staff & your clients:

Email us for info

DevOp3 is a customer-centric business focused on sourcing development opportunities and implementing solutions for our key clients. Our experience is vast and our connections widespread - understanding the key to success is strategic integration and controlled orchestration of each component of the property development process. Our purpose is to drive great OUTCOMES by assisting developers and investors via the following offerings:
 - Keep your project on track & profitable.
 - Connecting the Right People for the right reasons.
 - Take your business to new levels to exit later.

propITER is also purpose built to deliver small development projects under specific systems.
» 01 CUSTOMISED Projects focuses on bringing the best combination of project variables together to increase the value & profitability.
» 02 SPECIALISED Projects focuses on teaming up the best combination of specialist people to deliver a high quality property.
» 03 Property Investment is also an option, either as buying of portfolio stock or investing in the build.

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